4 of the fastest growing industries in precision machining with Aumic Engineering

All the fastest growing industries evolve over time and their service demands change along with new emerging trends as older ones lose momentum. 

However, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision machining produces multiple complex parts that these growing industries require.

Although automation works for several applications, numerous industries require custom-made parts for specific purposes. The ability to properly create and design pieces with a computer encourages companies to use CNC precision engineering for their activities. 

All industries from the medical field to the marine industry rely on machining components. The fastest growing industries are using computers and machines because of the digital revolution. Technology allows precision engineering and machining services like Aumic Engineering to provide high-quality services that allow for intricate custom-made designs that other production processes cannot accomplish.

Precision engineering provides benefits that include quicker development and manufacturing, more significant and guaranteed accuracy, and removal of human error. Manufacturers around the continent are saving money and time by providing their factories and workshops with CNC machines. 

To enlighten you about this process, below are four of the fastest growing industries that need precision machining.

The Four Fastest Growing Industries That Need Precision Engineering

We hope that by outlining the below industries, engineers will be able to identify key opportunities in their businesses.

1. Medical Industry 

The medical world is part of the fastest growing industries that hugely benefits from precision engineering.

Doctors can operate and provide hip replacements with more accuracy using CNC-produced replica hips instead of traditional replacement methods. In addition to providing a more precise shape, CNC hip replacements are long-lasting, and manufacturers can make them much faster than the conventional versions.

Medical professionals can also eliminate the possibility of a second operation by removing the likelihood of human error. 

4 of the fastest growing industries in precision machining with Aumic Engineering

Moreover, dental practitioners often recreate the identical shape and size of a cavity that must be veneered or crowned. Precision machining, coupled with 3D imaging techniques, can accurately recreate small shapes and sizes, which makes dental procedures more manageable for patients and dentists. 

Precision engineering is transformational in the fastest growing industries like medicine, particularly with its impact on surgical implants.

Patients who required surgical implants in the body to strengthen or replace broken bones originally needed hand-crafted items fitted for them. These items take time to make and are only accurate to a certain level.

However, with precision engineering, manufacturers can produce even the most miniature and complicated surgical implants quickly and accurately. 

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2. Aerospace Industry 

Aerospace is one of the fastest growing industries that require precision engineering as a critical component for its success.

The aerospace industry has plenty of high production patterns for CNC precision machining, aerospace components, and more rigorous safety controls. Therefore, aerospace requires its performance, tolerance, and dimensions to be the most secure and optimal for every piece so that these components do not collapse in flight.

4 of the fastest growing industries in precision machining with Aumic Engineering

A single defective part can cause the loss of a significant amount of capital in aircraft and space stations. 

However, since this is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, advanced CNC precision engineering equipment, and skilled manufacturing services can create aerospace prototypes and accurate end-use parts for aerospace companies.

Aumic Engineering can combine aerospace-class metals and plastics with precision machining systems to ensure that completed aerospace prototypes and components are strictly up to standards. 

4 of the fastest growing industries in precision machining with Aumic Engineering

Usually, when we think about space flights, aerospace companies like NASA are the first to come to nearly everyone’s mind. These companies design and produce the most industrialised rockets and spacecrafts for separate missions.  

Here is where spacecraft CNC machining plays a critical role in their capability to do this. This process is crucial to responsibly produce the most minute parts, ensuring the safety of the team and the spacecraft itself. 

3. Oil And Gas Industry 

The oil and gas industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

The success of the industry depends on its ability to find machined components that fit accurately to produce the enormous machines used in refineries on drilling devices. A cylinder may not reload without a better-fit component, or a piston may not create force. To attain efficiency, oil and gas companies need CNC precision engineering components.

4 of the fastest growing industries in precision machining with Aumic Engineering

In addition, oil platforms are another area where components must have a high tolerance. Compared to other facilities, drilling devices are in separate places. If a precision machining part fails to function as it should, getting a repair or replacing it could take a few days away from oil and gas production.

Fortunately, components created for using oil rigs, function excellently.

4. Marine Industry 

The marine industry is the fastest growing industry within precision engineering since it uses various parts produced with CNC precision machining.

Thousands of components on watercraft require premium materials and precision engineering is a means to make those parts efficiently.

In contrast to other industries, the marine sector requires its components to be water resistant because these parts will be exposed to water or humid conditions around rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Heavy moisture or wet environments will wear out watercraft parts.

4 of the fastest growing industries in precision machining with Aumic Engineering

Considering that most circuitries do not operate sufficiently in the presence of water, electrical equipment will require special attention.

Fortunately, precision machining helps the marine industry through its capability to produce components on boats that accurately fit with others.

Precision Engineering Serves The Fastest Growing Industries Worldwide

To conclude, CNC precision engineering remains a valuable method of production for all industries.

The ability to produce intricate pieces out of multiple types of materials, apart from wood and metal, makes precision machining processes the desired option for those industries that need customised parts. 

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