Aumic Engineering offers a full turnkey solution

for all of your roller manufacturing needs

S-2 designs make it a fully sealed roller targeting the needs of the Cement Truck Industry. This being a very specialised and specific industry, Aumic Engineering has over time produced some of the most renowned Cement truck rollers the industry has seen. This puts us at the forefront for all your roller needs.  Coupled with our versatile workshop, unique designs and experienced staff, this makes our roller manufacturing services one of the industry leaders. Our S-2 design was specifically designed to be fully sealed, with is exactly what the Cement truck industry needed. For precision engineering solution please visit our Engineering page.

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6m3 TFM 6m

Dimensions 200mm x 100mm Bracket available on request

8m3 TFM 8m

Dimensions 250mm x 100mm Bracket available on request

AUS S2 6m
(Ecem 6m)

Dimensions 220mm x 110mm

AUS S2 8m
(Stetter 8m)

Dimensions 250mm x 110mm

AUL S2 6m3
(Liebherr 6m)

Dimensions 203mm x 105mm

AUL S2 8m3
(Liebherr 8m)

Dimensions 250mm x 120mm

AUTT S2 6/8m3
(Tata 6/8m)

Dimensions 250mm x 110mm Including bracket