Aumic Engineering offers a full turnkey solution

for all of your manufacturing & fabrication needs

Aumic Engineering has launched its very own state of the art manufacturing & fabrication facility that can produce some of the most renowned products the industry has to offer. Not only can you be assured of high quality products all the time but at the same time you can have complete peace of mind that when selecting Aumic as your manufacturing/fabrication partner that you are in capable hands.

Both our facility and highly trained staff allow Aumic to manufacture a very large variety of products for our clients across a wide range of industries with the precision & speed our clients have become accustomed to. We are able to assist all our valued clients with design input, planning, production & prototyping of products, depending on their specific needs. Our facility can adapt to both small and larger scale production runs.

The fabrication & production capabilities of our facility are so vast that we are able to assist sectors like;

  • Mining
  • Electrical
  • Contractors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction
  • Private Sector
  • And many more

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Aumic Engineering NOW offers end-user fabrication services

with fast turnaround times, industry leading expierence and the ability to fabricate to your design Aumic is the natual choice for your next project at home or work

Industries we serve

Industries that we currently service include: Military, Hydraulic, Mining, Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing and the Cement industry