precision engineering [aumic engineering]

Precision engineering is transforming modern manufacturing in Gauteng. It gives us the opportunity to create complex, high-specification parts with exceptional levels of accuracy and detail.

What is more, in Aumic Engineering we can mass-produce these parts for different applications in unique sectors. Contemporary industrial technology completely reshapes the way we make and deliver products.

Precision engineering is now an essential production process in environments where achieving high integrity and dimensional accuracy are prime concerns.

Fabrication and precision engineering are key components of technologically advanced industries including aeronautics, metrology, manufacturing, and biomedicine.

Precision Engineering Is Transformational

Most industries need to process raw materials and then redesign these materials to make them function in their application. However, it is important for a manufacturer to develop an understanding of how recent technology integrates into an existing setup.

This is quickly becoming a competitive environment and the industry is developing at a rapid pace. Gauteng manufacturers need to meet the growing demands of today’s clients by staying ahead of the curve. Therefore, we suggest you start implementing smart production processes.

How Do We Use Precision Manufacturing?

Precision Engineering is the process of making things with an elevated level of precision. Usually, we use this process for a component part that goes into making a larger product, mass-produced widgets, and reverse engineered parts to replace one that is at the end of its life or a new product altogether.

For manufacturing, this usually involves producing highly specific, machinery, equipment, or systems for a range of industrial uses. Anything that requires a great deal of precision.

precision engineering in Gauteng [aumic engineering]

At Aumic Engineering, we provide design services to help solve complex problems and work with our clients to find solutions. Does your product need to function in a certain way? This is when reverse engineering is necessary to understand how something that already exists works. Alternatively, you might have a piece of machinery that needs to perform a specific job, but it is not clear how to achieve this.

The life of a precision engineer is interesting because we must take everything into account. For a manufacturer, it is a huge achievement to solve a problem and see impressive results in the end. A fine combination of skill, knowledge, and experience along with the support of machinery and technology produces results.

That is why precision engineering is valuable to the manufacturing industry.

The 8 Benefits Of Precision Engineering

At Aumic Engineering, we have a range of manufacturing capabilities from basic to advanced automated high-speed CNC machining and turning solutions. Highly skilled and trained personnel program our machines, either manually or by using CAD/CAM software. If you are uncertain how to solve your problem, from quotation through to the complete manufacturing cycle all the way to delivering quality components and products – we will find the solution.

Better yet, we consider complex fabrication to drawing with the help of machining various metals including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, and various polymers. 

Where Would Manufacturing Be Without Precision Engineering?

Manual methods are unable to manage the low tolerance to measurement deviations and the need to produce the exact same detail repeatedly on a consistent basis. Today we require finer details while maintaining the needs of mass production.

precision engineering in Gauteng [aumic engineering]

The more precise machinery needs to be, the more specific the machinery is in production. Using computer programming teamed with skills, knowledge, and expertise is what creates value for manufacturing.

Aumic Engineering’s services include: CNC turning, CNC milling, drilling, taping, chamfering, splining, slotting, sawing, polishing, boring, threading, profile milling, 4th axis milling, pressing bearings, and assembly of components, another specialty of ours is roller engineering.

The Advantages Of Precision Engineering

You would only be able to achieve an elevated level of precision with CNC machinery. Manual machines do not compare. So, let us look at how precision engineering advantages benefit you.


Parts made with precision engineering work wonderfully well. We design the parts to fit and work together smoothly and seamlessly. The design reduces noise, friction, grating, and rubbing.

precision engineering in Gauteng [aumic engineering]

Reducing friction means the precision parts are less susceptible to wear and tear. These parts can operate for much longer while maintaining the same high function and they are less prone to breakdowns and downtime.


Precision engineering allows parts to parts to operate more efficiently, which uses less energy. The parts can run for longer intervals without maintenance. Also, the parts will not wear out so quickly, so you will not need to replace them so often.


Mechanisms produced with precision engineering operate reliably and require less human intervention for maintenance and adjustments. There is less room for human error and most precision engineering machines are self-monitoring. Therefore, these machines can alert you to issues early, and long before they become dangerous.

precision engineering in Gauteng [aumic engineering]

The more precise the equipment, the more accurate the results. The medical industry requires precision because accuracy is vital for making diagnoses, delivering the right amount of treatment, and saving lives.


Precision engineering allows components to fit together perfectly. This is essential where systems are carrying liquids and gases. Precise parts ensure the flow is sufficient and consistent and prevent leaks, which are inefficient and wasteful.


Every mechanism needs easy access for maintenance, replacements, and repairs. Precision engineering makes it easy to maintain.


Aumic Engineering is Quality Control and MASC certified. These accreditations are vital for building customer confidence and assuring you that we can deliver the high-specification, precision parts you need.

Do You Need Precision Engineering?

Aumic Engineering is a CNC Lathe and Milling machining company based on the East Rand, which prides itself in delivering high precision parts, on-time deliveries, and competitive pricing to our valued customers.

Our highly skilled technical staff and ISO standards mean all our work comes with a guarantee. At Aumic Engineering we strive for Precision Perfection.

Better yet, we can work with a wide variety of industries.

Find out more about us by watching our company video or reading more about us on our about us page.